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apologies to Bye Bye Birdie!)

Bye Bye Bulby  we won't be missing  you! 
Bye Bye's  time for you to go!

No more burned out  signal lights
All you did... was waste and fail!

Bye bye Bulby... LEDs are here to stay!
I'll miss the  way  you used to wink at me

I used to think it was such a friendly thing
Each and every day I would see you wink out and fail

Bye Bye Bulby  you  were a pain to bear!
Bye Bye Bulby off to recycling  you  go! to recycling  you  go! to recycling  you  go!


 Drivers in Glendale will now be using two kinds of green at 
city traffic lights: green energy and brighter green lights!

GLENDALE, Ariz., - Drivers in Glendale will be using two kinds of green at city traffic lights: green energy and brighter green lights. Glendale’s Transportation Department has upgraded traffic lights citywide to LED in an effort to conserve energy and reduce costs. LED, or light-emitting diode, last longer, use less power to energize and have a robust sharpness compared to regular lights.

A grant from the Department of Energy enabled the city to complete the conversion of LED lights throughout Glendale.  The grant enabled 30 intersections to be converted making all of Glendale’s 190 signalized intersections equipped with LED lighting. 

The higher quality lamps will require less maintenance, resulting in fewer lane closures due to repairs.  Energy and cost savings are substantial, with anticipated savings of $92,000 in annual maintenance and $65,520 in annual energy costs for the newly converted intersections.  Total energy and maintenance savings for the 30 intersections will be around $157,520 annually.  With 40 lights (red, green, yellow) per intersection the total conversion of 7,600 lights to LED has savings comparable to the amount of power generated for 300 homes annually. 

The city’s commitment to being green continues with the old traffic lights.  Hundreds of reflectors, lenses and bulbs will be auctioned in July and recycled.  For more information on Glendale’s Transportation Department visit: or call 623-930-2940 and to learn more about Glendale’s green efforts, click on

The old lights were housed with two components – a bulb and a reflector unit.


The new LED traffic signal lights are efficiently housed as one unit, making it quick and convenient to change them out.


Hundreds and hundreds of reflector units awaiting to be picked up and auctioned off next month.


Likewise, boxes and boxes of light bulbs await recycling.



Editor Ed recommends the  following article to help you understand LED technology.
How Light Emitting Diodes Work by Tom Harris (Be sure to flip though all the pages)
Unintended Consequence of Technology: New LED traffic lights can't melt snow (No snow in Glendale!)

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that it will provide its full suite of safety avionics, including its advanced IntuVue™ 3-D weather radar, for Tiger Airways new A320 aircraft in a multi-million dollar contract. Tiger Airways will be Asia's first low-cost carrier to fly A320 aircraft with IntuVue which enhances safety and passenger comfort. IntuVue™ 3-D weather radar is an advanced system that provides pilots a more complete picture of weather conditions than current two-dimensional (2-D) systems. As a lighter and more reliable system, IntuVue™ will also help Tiger Airways to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Available content includes a press release and video.




The Sunnyside Bridge project   -  A bridge over troubled waters.

By Ed Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet. (C) 2008

(Media buddies if you need any of this email me and  I can send you some Hi -Res Photos and credit info.)
This article will continue to evolve and there will be a  slide show to go with it we - shot 250 photos!



To a person on foot or on house the span across the this canal is a great as the distance of the grand canyon.

The Sunnyside Bridge project came to the attention of the City in 2004 via the Glendale Equestrian Club, who were seeking a safe way to cross the SRP Canal to gain access to the Thunderbird Paseo Linear Park and the 110 miles of the Sun Circle Trail system.  The project is at 50th Avenue and Sunnyside Drive.

Roger Boyer, the project coordinator form Glendale Parks and Recreation tell us, "The Sunnyside Bridge project is extremely unusual for the Glendale Parks and Recreation Department in that the project itself is fully funded by others and the City of Glendale is just responsible for ongoing maintenance, as with any other project that we do.  Our Grants Administrator, Paula Moloff, did an exceptional job in helping Glendale citizens acquire a much needed trail access point that greatly expands their recreational opportunities as well as significantly increasing their trail use safety".

Paula Moloff, Glendale Grants Administrator, creatively partnered the City's needs with the Bureau of Reclamation, whose land the project would be on, and the Arizona State Parks Heritage Trail grant program which assists governmental agencies in creating trail opportunities for hikers, bikers, and equestrian use. Aside from upkeep the bridge did not  cost  the City of Glendale anything!


Travis Weber, President of Weber Services,  the engineering company for the project emphasized, 
"The most challenging aspect of this project was the fact that we did not actually see the bridge itself until it arrived onsite today.  This required great attention to detail.  While constructing the concrete abutments we were very careful to check and re-check all dimensions.  The eight bolts that connect the bridge to the abutments are not adjustable as they were installed directly into the concrete while it was being poured.  There was no room for error.  We managed to set the bridge perfectly in place on the first attempt with the help of a very large crane. "

Travis Weber         

Travis continued, "

Travis concluded, "Everything turned out to be a success.  Weber Services, Inc. really enjoyed working with Centennial Contractors and the City of Glendale.  We also appreciate all the positive support we received from the local residents on a daily basis.  This bridge will be a welcome addition to all of the pedestrians, equestrians, and cyclists who enjoy the canal pathways. "

The truck that brought the bridge in.


(L to R)  Roger Boyer - Project Coordinator, Glendale Parks & Recreation Department, Paula Moloff, Glendale Grants Administrator, Karen Hesser -  Deputy Parks and Recreation Director and Eugene Kraus Park Manager, both with the city of Glendale



Project Principals are:

Richard Mellagard, Outdoor Recreation Planning Manager, Bureau of Reclamation
Robert Gooch, Principal Engineer, Salt River Project
Paula Moloff, Glendale Grants Administrator
Sam Patton, Project Manager, Glendale Engineering Department
Roger Boyer, Project Coordinator, Glendale Parks & Recreation Department
Trevor Herman, Project Manager, Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.
Doyle Hammett, Project Superintendent, Centennial Construction
Travis Weber, President Weber Services 

Weber Services, Inc. is the subcontractor who performed the actual construction.  Centennial is the General Contractor/Construction Manager who administered the project.  City of Glendale is the project owner. 

Crane From  Southwest Industrial Rigging Home of the largest cranes in Arizona

You have seen some of their other  crewmen and the crane that is the twin of this one  in the Glendale Daily Planet article
 on replacing the Bank of America cooling towers at 58 Ave and Glenn.
Download The Movie (Right Click and then "Save Target As") B of A Movie with crane

             index.13.jpg (49104 bytes)



The Excel Bridge Company, in California, constructed the 12' X 70' Bowed Truss Bridge structure and trucked it to Glendale.  Centennial Construction coordinated completion of the bridge footings, the crane rental, bridge installation, and the construction of 125 feet of ADA compliant trail that will bring citizens from street level at 50th Avenue & Sunnyside Drive up the SRP canal bank to the bridge location.

The finish is a naturally rusted top coat that is applied to the sealed steel.  The rust won't ever reach the structural steel components. In this photograph you can see the  top coat and also the  serial number plate for the bridge.

The bridge and the access trail will have a hard surface that is being provided by Enssolutions.  It is decomposed granite that is mixed with Pine tar, and rolled out like asphalt.  It is an environmentally friendly stabilization product that will serve the equestrians, bikers, and hikers well. Below you can see the corrugated surface of the pan in the bottom of the bridge that will accept the  the mixture to provides the walking surface.






Safety Safety Safety!  Joe Zaleski was Centennial's safety manager on site.  The biggest concern on any job site is the safety of the employees and visitors that are observing the construction process;

As with the placement of the Bridge,  everything must be exact and no safety issues occurred   under Joes's watchful eye! 




Some Statistics:
  • Each bridge abutment has 40 yards of concrete and the footings go down 20 feet into the earth to anchor the bridge
  • The bridge is 27,000 pounds, and 12' X 70', all steel construction
  • The finish is a naturally rusted top coat that is applied to the sealed steel.  The rust won't ever reach the structural steel components
  • The crane that was needed for this job was brought up from Tucson because there are very few of this type of cranes in the State and this project had very specific lift requirements
  • The total project cost will be about $220,000 and is expected to be ready for public use by about the end of July




1.  raise boom                                                        2.  raise boom                                   3.  lower boom 


4.  Rigger is hooking up the slings to the hook







1.  Hoist Slowly                                 2.  Hoist     



    3.  Stop

Notice the rigger and the crane operator have their eyes on each other throughout the entire process.


Karen Hesser Deputy parks and Recreation Director and

Eugene Kraus Park Manager, both with the city of Glendale
look on in anticipation as the  bridge  makes it's final decent into it's mountings.











City of Glendale Parks and Recreation - 

Information about Weber Services, Inc., please visit their website at 

Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc,

Crane From  Southwest Industrial Rigging  - Home of the largest cranes in Arizona

General construction hand signals with a sample  training film you can watch  there are NOT crane specific. 

Crane hand signal chart you can buy if you need one 5' x 5' meanwhile enjoy the little picture of the hand signals here.  

A You Tube Movie about  crane hand signals .

Crane From  Southwest Industrial Rigging  - Home of the largest cranes in Arizona


By Ed Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet. (C) 2008

(Media buddies if you need any of this email me and  I can send you some Hi -Res Photos and credit info.)







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